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I bought my 2012 Pilot Touring in February of 2021 to replace my 1999 Accord that had a heart attack, RIP Yoshi. In the almost year of ownership I've had the urge to do some cosmetic modifications. As always, I name my vehicles. This ones a biggun but powerful and I immediately thought of blue accents to go with the diamond pearl. I welcome Edmond Honda (or E. Honda) to my vehicular family. (My '94 and '99 Accords were named Sakura and Yoshimitsu, respectively).


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get it from a dealership or private seller? how much did you pay? looks great! Honda has some of the best looking white paint coats
Got it from a Volvo dealership. just under $11k
The chrome accents painted metallic blue, to go along with the theme ofcourse...
August 2021

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