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Just posting to say hello and thanks for the wealth of info on Pilots here. My folks owned a Gen 1 that went 300K KM's before they sold it. I got the 2011 with 130K KM(now has 156k) to replace my CRV that failed the frame recall it had 398k KM's. I've owned Honda's for a long time. Just grabbed a VCM Muzzler off Ebay as I don't like the way the truck acts with the VCM, none of the serious problems I've read yet so I want to prevent those. The maintenance minder just told me to change the oil, trans fluid, and diff fluid so grabbed all the stuff for that and doing it tonight as it's above freezing today. I did the timing belt, water pump, tensioner and idler pulley about 2 weeks after I bought it as it was not done per the dealership who serviced it and I bought it from. So glad I found this site and to find the VCM deactivator so I can put the miles on this like I have all my others.

Ive had:
91 civic, went to 450K Km traded to a Acura 1.6 EL 389K KM's ac blew up so traded to a 08 X-Trail (POS) got 200K and the exhaust cam exploded hated that thing it had soooo many problems.
back to Honda with an 09 CRV that had 100K when we bought it and it failed the rust check with 398K
so have the 2011 pilot now. also owned a 92 hatch as a second car, bought with 200K on it and went to 485K with little repairs until the floors rotted out of it. Have an 08 Yaris as replacement for it at 359K on the clock and a new exhaust was all it needed to pass inspection for 2 more years.


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