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My key broke and Alarm is preventing driving the vehicle

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My 2007 Honda Pilot key fob stopped working a while back after replacing the battery and still not working I proceeded to use the manual key entry. Skip ahead a little bit and the key, over time, becomes more and more difficult to use and eventually stopped working. The next best thing in my head was to call upon the lock smith to open my vehicle so I could at least drive it home. He did so but disabling the alarm was beyond his capability. So now, I have a car that the manual key won’t work and the alarm goes off every time I try to use the vehicle. My question is centered around disabling the alarm. Any help around that would be much appreciated.
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Can’t you buy a key fob on eBay and program it to your car? I did that to my Acura when one of my key fobs broke.

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You should lubricate the door lock for starters. I like silicone lubricant spray, some folks like Lock-Ease or other products.

But I think it's time to get one or two new fobs and program them, and you may even need to get new keys recut by a locksmith.
Disabling the alarm will most likely involve removing all the t-taps from control box to the Pilots wiring harness, then splicing the ignition wire back together. I’m not sure you’d want to go through that effort if you want the alarm to work after the key issue is resolved.
Those were the steps I took to remove the piece of garbage Karr wiring harnesses and control box from my two vehicles.
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