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Both my kids are new drivers. gave them my 2009 honda pilot EX-L after I got myself a 2011 pilot touring last year. Daughter drained the battery by leaving the inside light switch on all night. Jump started vehicle drove it a few days to check alternator charging battery. Swapped vehicles back after fix and now my son seems to have broken the moonroof.

He says that some low hanging Christmas lights got stuck when closing and got hung up. To me it looks like someone was sitting on the back passenger side of the moonroof window. it grinds when trying to close/open but I can get it in position with my hands.
Left side tilt goes up about half way and the passenger side doesn't rise at all.

I am pretty good mechanically but can't decide if this is something I can tackle.

Does someone have any blown up diagrams for the moonroof unit or has swapped out the motor/rails?

I have gone through about 15 threads and mostly talk about the software reset or the key/button hack.

Any estimates of what this is going to cost at the dealership or a mechanic shop.

I live in Austin, Texas
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