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Mini Meet in So. California

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About a week ago, PatrickC1026 sent me a PM and asked if he could come by and pick up a few of the custom accessories I make for Pilot. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to turn this into a mini meet. With only one week notice and held on a Friday afternoon, we had, including me, five people show up for the mini meet. Starting at noon, we all met at my workplace and checked out each other's Pilot while waiting for others to show up. For lunch, we went over to the local micro brewery, Gordon Bierch. Discussions range from accessories, prices, dealerships, wives, kids, work, commuting, the strike, etc. It was great to meet with other Piloteers who share the same enthusiasm I have for my Pilot.
We all took a few pictures before leaving.
First pic is all the Pilots and the CRV lined up. Left to right, owners of the SUV, PatrickC1026, Kippy95, wwong, and Bing.


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wwong said:
ESW tinted his front door with a medium 20% tint.
Did he get a doctor's note for that? It's illegal in CA otherwise (IIRC).

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