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I just signed the papers and had an excellent experience with Eric Tanner, a sales associate at Jenkins & Wynne in Clarksville, Tenn. Clarksville is about 45 minutes from Nashville, on the Kentucky-Tenn. border, but it was worth the drive for me -- Eric sold me my Silver EX-L for MSRP, saying their dealership doesn't believe in marking up the price or adding extras that people may not want.

Even gave me 2 tanks of gas -- as I had to return two days later to sign the papers (and have the tires balanced...story detailed in the problem section).

I plan to use a service department closer to home -- but I couldn't find a Nashville dealer for the sale. Bill Trickett in Nashville had a long waiting list, so I'm not sure what their price is...Crest Honda had add-ons...Darryl Waltrip in Franklin, TN had $2495 of forced add-ons, and Riddell Honda in Murfreesboro, TN had add-ons in the $1,000 to $1,200 range, depending on the car, I think.

Tell Eric that Diane from Nashville sent you -- he's a very amiable young man and very accommodating and easy to work with.
Recommended highly! (And he said he'd do internet sales)
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