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Got the below email today. Maybe we should do something similar.

It's a banner week at - if you haven't visited today, you're missing out!

New Member Contests - Win FREE $300 RSX Fogs (courtesy of hondacuraworld), And/Or Acuraworld Graphics Tagline!

For information on the rules and prizes for these contests - which start TODAY! - please visit the News & Contests forum located at

We'd also like to announce the release of 2 new AW services, as part of our AWAnywhere development project. Over the course of the next few months, Acuraworld content will be showing up on your WinAmp playlist, in your email, on your PDA, and even in your Trillian messenger buddy list! Two of those services are ready for your viewing/listening pleasure today!

Acuraworld Radio (courtesy SJIRadio) is now available for WinAmp or RealPlayer! Go to for details on how to set up your connection - then sit back and enjoy.

Acuraworld For Trillian AND Any Other Website! That's right - we're syndicated, baby! Go check out for details on how to read the freshest threads without opening a browser window, AND read Acuraworld from, oh, your own personal website! If you do use AW content on your own site, please post the URL so we can all compliment you on your good taste.

That's the latest and greatest from Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come! Management

** Disclaimer - you are receiving this email as a registered member of because you opted in to the Acuraworld administrator mailing list. If you wish to unsubscribe, please log in to and uncheck this option in your user cp. **
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