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It wasn't anything to do with the suspension. It was motor mounts. And oh boy were they in bad shape. Both transmission mounts were split. The lateral mount on the passenger side (the one in the the ring) was likely the culprit for the noise. I assume the engine was banging around and the bolt in the lateral mount was hitting the retainer ring on the mount.

So I went ahead and replaced all of them: both transmission mounts and all three engine mounts (forward hydraulic, lateral, and rear). The rear one was a pain in an AWD model but now it rides wonderfully. No more banging, shifts are crisp and affirmative, and it doesn't wiggle anymore when it's in park.

You'd think I'd have recognized this issue a while ago but I got so focused on it being a suspension problem that it didn't even occur to me to take a proverbial step back and look at the bigger picture.

Not too bad for a 17yo Honda with 276k.
Good to hear the mounts were your issue and problem solved. The struts probably needed to be replaced anyway. Onward to 300K
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