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I’ve seen this referenced in few places even here on the forums, however, have not found any substantive resolution to the issue.

Some back story, was cruising down the highway and saw something fly off in my side rear view mirror. Thought nothing of it at the time, thought I had maybe hit something in the road or it came off the car in front of me. Next day was in the garage before heading out and noticed the blasted outer fuel door was gone! I was so irked. Anyway, I’ve got a salvage fuel door off a same color pilot on it’s way to me. Wasn’t too awful to replace, $40.

My question is, how does this fuel door affix to the plastic backing that is attached to the Hinge? It appears some sort of clip? Is there Any thing I can do to affix the door more securely to prevent such a disaster from happening again? Maybe some epoxy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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