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Lundgren Honda - Auburn, MA

I know that the original posting in this forum section is from a long time ago but figured I'd put in a word where I purchased my 2005 Pilot EX-Leather.

Lundgren Honda - Known for showing you the price of the vehicle and treating all their customers the same, meaning no haggling with price. What they list is what it will be.

I went to the dealership to test drive a CRV and went home with paper work for a Pilot. My sales person, Mike Grant, was very attentive from the time my husband and I walked in, during all the test drives, through the whole paperwork process, trade-in process, and even when I came back days later to get my inspection sticker and my all weather mats.

I did have some paperwork problem that required me to go back to re-sign some documentation (small boo-boo on their end) but for my troubles, I received a coupon for a free oil change. Saw my sales guy on that trip to the dealership too and he came right over to ask how things were going.

Hint: if you want some free finger food, head there on a Saturday during lunch time. They have sandwiches for all their customers. :)
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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