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Looking for quality dealers in NE

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Hi, I've been shopping for a pilot in the New England area. I'm only here temporarily, so I don't know the area or the dealerships well. Can anybody recommend a reputable dealer who didn't try to rip you off? I'm getting the high-demand, low-inventory lines. P.S. I'm in Cambridge, so the closer the better.
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Quality Dealers in NE

Don't even think of going to COMMONWEALTH MOTORS. They are the biggest bunch of cheaters around here. No wonder they have the lowest prices, coz they never make a sale on those prices, just bait people to come into their showrooms. Take it from me, a very recent victim.

SAGE, EX-L RES owner bought it from them a month ago.:3:
Hi PilotDave,

If you are going for a standard trim with no "extras" then I guess you should be Ok, but if you have negotiated based on certain conditions being met, I would be very skeptical of everything they say and would like to have it in writing and verified at the time of delivery.

Also from your post I gather that you have already negotiated the price and put down a deposit.

What my concern is that they may try to steer you towards stuff that you don't want or expected.

Good Luck!

1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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