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Hello everyone,

I need some help if anyone knows what to do.

I disconnected the battery and stored my 22 Pilot in underground parking lot for a long-term business trip.
When I tried to lock the doors manually using a key, it didn't work. I tried with both keys (two fobs with two keys included)
It basically wouldn't lock or unlock. I could turn the key to both sides though.

So I had to just manually lock all the doors from inside and closed them one at a time, but now I'm stuck with locked vehicle with no battery connected.
I had to get ready for the trip next morning, so I just left them locked.

When I get home in a few months, I will have to call someone to open the door for me.
My pilot was bought brand new about 6months ago, and never had to use a key to open or lock the doors until that day.
Is it possible that Honda dealership or factory programmed the fobs with the wrong keys in them?
Who should I call when I get home? 'Honda Roadside Assistance'?
Do they normally come over the same day?
How much should I expect to pay? (or is it free of charge in Canada if the car is under original warranty?)

I cancelled the regular car insurance, and bought a storage insurance policy.
So It won't cover this kind of service (I already asked my insurance broker)

Any thoughts and sharing your experience are much appreciated!
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