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Hi Everyone,

I'm new on the this board formerly belonging to until I recently sold my LTD 4x4 Tundra...I'm in a Subaru WRX STI now...

I just purchased a 04 Black Pilot EX-L for the wife and she is loving it...the 16" wheels need to be replaced though...looking at either 18's or 20's. I know the ride gets worse and more noisy as the size gets bigger but does anyone have a local place that gives good deals on wheel/tire combo's?

At the same time, I will be looking to sell the 16" EX rims and tires...if anyone has an lx with steel wheels and are interested, send me an e-mail...The Pilot has less than 200mi on it so far...

We just moved back after spending 13 years in Anchorage Alaska...It's tough finding a reputable dealer with good prices.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Brent Aka Island Style
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