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We took delivery of our Silver EX-L on Sat and right away noticed some issues. Some have been previously mentioned, some are new. Check it out-

1. The stereo does not function properly. It will not switch modes from the unit itself, but will from the steering wheel. In other words, if I wanna go from CD to FM or whatever, I have to do it by the steering wheel. Should this not have been checked by Honda and the dealer during the pre-delivery inspection?

2. We too have a leaky driver's side washer nozzle.

3. The 3rd row seatbelt on the right-hand side of incorrectly riveted. When the row is flat, there are clips that you use to keep the seatbelt from rattling against the side of the car. The rivet is used to keep the seatbelt buckle in place. One of them is properly located, the other rivet is placed too high. Hence, when I have the belts clipped, it makes a unsightly loop.

4. The cell phone cradle compartment is too loose. It does not stay in the middle position. Any bump that you drive over, makes it fall flat.

5. The "scrunching" driver's side window issue is there as well.

What is up with all these problems??? My wife and I were so bumed about all of this stuff. Now I have to go monkey around with all the stuff at the dealer? I might wait for recalls on some of these things-

Please advise...

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Well, I feel a little better...knowing I'm not alone...

My window scrunch, as I noted, has been improved by silicon spray (altho I now seem to hear a sporadic rattle from that same door...I'm waiting to see if it gets worse or goes away).

And I was glad to see that I'm not the only one who noted that weird thing with the third row seat belt clips. I couldn't figure it out...I thought I must be doing something wrong. The left side clips so nicely, and the right looks so stupid.

I haven't fully checked out my stereo, will check tomorrow.

Cell phone holder and window washer nozzle seem alright, tho.:)

Now does anyone else hear that engine knocking???

And seriously, I think there are more random rattles and noises than I was expecting in a car known for its "fit and finish." Now I'm hearing a random rattle from the glove compartment area. I HATE dash rattles (and, yes, I am shouting...)


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I recommended today to my service manager that he register on this site so he can be well informed with the potential issues he will be facing in the next year or so ... It seems being one of the few that have bought the available Pilots here on the island ... my vehicle will be the testbed for many of these fixes. Here's to hoping some of these never arise, although some have ... ie. the ever annoying window scrunching ....

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