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Latest Consensus on Radio/Infotainment Issues?

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So I'm curious what the general consensus is on the current state of the Pilot's radio and infotainment issues (snapping/crackling/bluetooth disconnections etc.).

Has Honda found an actual solution yet, or are dealers still disassembling half the vehicle to check tuner and MOST connections and Fakra connectors etc. the same as before? Has the issue been fixed/resolved? Would you be confident buying a '22 Pilot? Or has the can simply been kicked down the road until the 2023 redesign?

We're vehicle shopping now and the Pilot was at the top of my list until I started digging into this issue. I've never been too enamored of Kia/Hyundai and I flat out don't like the Highlander so I really don't want to start looking into those options. But I would be beside myself if I bought a new '22 Pilot and still had to deal with this nonsense. I would appreciate everyone's thoughts.
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I test drove the 22 pilot last week and the infotainment is much better than our 17 EXL but it was still buggy. In the test drive the radio just went silent and would not come back on for 15-30 seconds. I then test drove the new highlander but the seating position is way to low for my wife. She said it felt like she was driving a car, not a suv. The hood line seems elongated as well which added to the feeling. The power seat could not be adjusted high enough to be on par with the pilot. Pilot still has a really high seat position like the odyssey.
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