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Larry Hopkins in Sunnyvale is dishonest

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I put a deposit down with a sales rep named Deon about 2 months ago. He had said that they would be pricing the Pilot for $1,000 over msrp. I thought that was reasonable considering the market. He has emailed back recently that the mark up for the dealership is charging is $4,500 over msrp, but since I put a deposit down, it will only be $2,500 over msrp. What a swell guy! I've decided not to do business with Hopkins. I will take my money to another dealership instead.
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I would second Leo's vote for I've been buying accessories from them for years - for both my '94 Civic EX and my '98 Accord EX-V6. I've always been very pleased.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're showing all of the accessories for the Pilot (eg. wood trim).

Maybe I'll give Tim a shot, since everyone speaks so highly of him!
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