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Larry Hopkins in Sunnyvale is dishonest

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I put a deposit down with a sales rep named Deon about 2 months ago. He had said that they would be pricing the Pilot for $1,000 over msrp. I thought that was reasonable considering the market. He has emailed back recently that the mark up for the dealership is charging is $4,500 over msrp, but since I put a deposit down, it will only be $2,500 over msrp. What a swell guy! I've decided not to do business with Hopkins. I will take my money to another dealership instead.
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Picked up our black EXLRES on Saturday from El Cerrito Honda. They also had a silver EXLRES and five others. Spoke with the sales rep (Conley) and he says they still have 3 unsold. Paid $1995 over MSRP. Lucky for me, I was able to persuade them not to add the "adventure package" to the mix (although I think most of the accessories are what most people will want to add, i.e. cross bars, cargo cover, mud guards, etc.) Figuring that they made enough $$ off my sale, they have told me that I can buy the accessories at dealers cost. Got the "dealer's price" for some of the items today and visited for comparison. Turns out the "dealer's price" is slightly higher. I wonder if there is a regional difference in the price of parts.
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