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Larry Hopkins in Sunnyvale is dishonest

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I put a deposit down with a sales rep named Deon about 2 months ago. He had said that they would be pricing the Pilot for $1,000 over msrp. I thought that was reasonable considering the market. He has emailed back recently that the mark up for the dealership is charging is $4,500 over msrp, but since I put a deposit down, it will only be $2,500 over msrp. What a swell guy! I've decided not to do business with Hopkins. I will take my money to another dealership instead.
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hawaiian said:
I wonder if there is a regional difference in the price of parts.
There is no difference in price between dealers. They just plain lied to you thinking you wouldn't check up on them.
I'll throw in a super duper excellent rating for Tim at . He is one of the best and will treat you right.
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