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Key fell out of plastic FOB, now car won't start

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With only the metal key, the car won't start. Car turns over but no ignition. When I put the key back into the FOB and hold the key/FOB together, the car starts up right away. Even if the FOB is in the car but the metal key is seperate, the car won't start. So it appears the metal key has to be in the FOB when starting the car.
Is there some signal from the FOB which enables the ignition?

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Yes, it needs the RFID chip in the fob to work. Mine fell apart too, found a replacement key shell on Amazon pretty cheap.
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The chip is located in the shell. In some cases there is a little area in the shell where the chip sits, other times it's built into the remote electronics. Either way, you need that chip for the car to start.
with the FOB 1/2" from the key, I get no ignition. When I put the key back into the FOB and hold it together, then the car starts. So it appears there is either an electrical contact needed between the key and FOB or perhaps the key is pressing a switch in the FOB. WOW, whole car is dependant on a piece of plastic and a cheap little battery in the FOB!
No, it's all proximity based, so chances are it's not close enough until you have it in the shell.

The chip is also not powered by the fob battery. You can remove the battery from the remote and the RFID connection will still be made.
Found a locksmith that uses a non Honda FOB so the price for the FOB is $40 plus $125 for cutting the key and programming so hopefully all goes well.
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