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Couldn't stand to see this section go too dormant.

Maybe a brief update of recent experience of good service shops:

- Recently had 08 Pilot and 08 ELement go through 30k service visits at Goodson Honda North on 45 North of Houston. Also had a couple of warranty issues addressed.
Fantastic experience, all issues immediately resolved, qualty & courteous experience.

Details, Pilot needed:
- NCS (Noise Cancellation System) emitting low frequency hum intermittently...made you want to jump out of the car after a couple of minutes. TSB listed elesewhere on this forum.
Resolution: Replaced NCS unit behind radio headunit in dash, no trace of the repair (no cratches or indentations for trim interior removal) and all is well
- Rattling panel at sub in passenger rear cargo area
Resolutin: Removed panel, packed additional insulation. Worked! Service also instructed to come back if fix does not remain in place.
- Rear plastic trim piece at back hatch falling off top clip
REsolution: Even though service writer and I thought this may have been due to my 7 year old and friends grabbing the area when getting in and out in back, replaced clips and re-installed at no charge

My Element also got some work done the following week...again great experience.

Will need to get repairs from a rear ender on the Pilot as of today. Looking at this dealer or Gillmann SW or Champion area dealer for the work at this point as all three hav some pretty good track records at this point. Suggestions of good body shops wanted.
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