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Finally I am done with the's what I did:

-1x KN Universal air filter part RE 0950 : $35.69 @ AJ-USA phone 858-452-8900. No shipping charges! Great service, got it in 3 days.

Purchased from Home Depot:

-12"x 24" flashing $3.00

-1X 3/4" drill grinding point (Removal of ridge on inside of 3" hub) $2.50

- now wait for it ...3" PVC sewer & drain coupling 59 cents. Cut to fit around 3 1/2 inches.

You can use any coupler as long as the diameter is right around 3 1/2 inch (inside diameter of the two flanges -filter & air hose). This will slide into the rubber air hose to the motor, and slide into the rubber on the airfilter. I recommend using the sewer 3" fitting seeing that most other 3" actually has a diameter of 4" and it costs only 59 cents! Remember to put a bevel on the inside of the hub for better air-flow (I just used the grinding point & 200 grit sand paper)

-Metal scissors

-1/4 inch Black Vinyl hose. Make one cut parallel on the lenth of the hose and use to dress the metal that you cut to size.

I intially just used the metal divider but felt there was too much of an audible swoosh sound at idle when cold. When the motor gets to operating temp it settles down. I did install the hose insulator that you can see below as a test on the divider and around the new filter assembly to hush the swooshing sound. It worked. I will replace the pipe insulator with heat resistant pipe insulator at a later stage and fit it properly. Other than that I am satisfied with the final product. The sound is absolutely great at 4000 rpm +. I might upload a wav file some time soon so you can hear the differance as well if any of you are interested. In regards to performance I cannot tell without a dyno test. Either way it is a nice upgrade and the most fun I had for $50, I think...

Let me know what you think ! Here is some pics


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