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2003 Pilot EX-L 4wd
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Long story short; last August my 2003 pilot got a new front end consisting of:

Inner and outer tie rod ends
Loaded Strut assemblies
Sway bar links
Lower control arms w/ ball joints
Steering rack
Tires (4)
Wheel bearings
Rotors and pads
Left side motor mount

Despite all of these things I was still getting a really annoying clunk in some instances- like washboard road, bad potholes and dips pulling in/out of driveways. So- last piece of the puzzle? I installed new sway bar bushings Tuesday evening. The clunk was gone- for 24hrs. It slowly crept back up over wed and thurs and seems back to be full time now. I’m about to burn this pilot to the ground. I love it so, but it is getting under my skin. It’s become that itch I can’t get to...

Passenger side only.
No other symptoms.
What else is left?
Why would it go away with new sway bar bushings and then come back almost immediately?

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