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Long story short; last August my 2003 pilot got a new front end consisting of:

Inner and outer tie rod ends
Loaded Strut assemblies
Sway bar links
Lower control arms w/ ball joints
Steering rack
Tires (4)
Wheel bearings
Rotors and pads
Left side motor mount

Despite all of these things I was still getting a really annoying clunk in some instances- like washboard road, bad potholes and dips pulling in/out of driveways. So- last piece of the puzzle? I installed new sway bar bushings Tuesday evening. The clunk was gone- for 24hrs. It slowly crept back up over wed and thurs and seems back to be full time now. I’m about to burn this pilot to the ground. I love it so, but it is getting under my skin. It’s become that itch I can’t get to...

Passenger side only.
No other symptoms.
What else is left?
Why would it go away with new sway bar bushings and then come back almost immediately?

It's possible that some loaded strut assemblies may have an improperly torqued (loose) nut holding the strut bearing plate. Tough to inspect when installed but its a thought......and inspect strut spring is properly seated
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