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Yes I have been buying and refering (customers)from David Hobbs for 7 years (10 vehicles) now and I also left a good post about them. Well they are alright BUT about a year ago when they changed management I lost my connection with the General manager (John Smith). :3:
Well lastnight I wanted to test drive the pilot at boyland Honda (because hobbs did not have a demo) and low and behold there was John we talked and I told him I woudl leave the sales side of David Hobbs if he woudl take care of me, well he did. May I say that I was VERY impressed with the sales staff their, John had a guy by the name of Fred help us and he was cool and we pretty much shocked him into the way we buy cars from John :4: .
So now all the buisness I am going to take to David Hobbs will be for service because my mechanic Scott Bohn is the man and he will ben over backwards for me and I do the same for him.
So if you are in Milwaukee looking for a Honda stop by at boyland and talk to Fred or ask for John and tell them Pat sent you and I am sure you will get treated with a ton of respect.
Pat :29:
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