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jestmaty said:
My family and I are stuck in West Houston (Katy, Tx). Cant leave..

This sucks!!
I have a sister-in-law just north of you in Spring TX in the same situation...

Put food and water in different spots in your home, (in case of collapse). Photos, checkbooks, computer hard drives, cash, things that cannot be replaced, put in the cars that are in the garage, (if Rita takes the roof, she will have to destroy the car to damage those things). Although your pretty far from the coast to be affected by the storm surge, put tools on your 2nd floor in case of flood to cut thru the roof if need be......

Be safe and we hope to hear from you.......

==edit == Rita has turned......looks like you'll escape the worst..........:)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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