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84 Honda VF700f Stolen from front yard, stripped by the wrecking yard, sold at a steep discount and loss to that yard. Awesome v4 motor, handling was a meh.

1988 Honda hurricane cbr 600f, kept for a year and sold. had too loud of a pipe. harsh ride, unrefined engine.

1992 Honda CBR600f2, kept for about 2 years and sold it. much better than the previous gen. Scared myself and gave up street riding for a while

2006 Honda CBR600f4i, amazing street sport tourer everything bike. kept for a couple years and quit riding anything but track, so sold to fund a Daytona 675.

wife had a 01ish Honda Civcc that got rear ended and totaled at 60k miles. was a good little car, but pretty basic. insurance funded a 99 Suby Forrester with 26k miles in 07.

currently have a 05 Pilot with 156k on it, replaced a 99 Suburban which guzzles gas and breaks every 6 months. While the bourbon has real 4wd and a v8 and more room than you can find anywhere else, the terrible handling and slow engine and 12mpg got old.
1 - 1 of 754 Posts
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