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Info here works for 2014 as well. So I haven't seen anyone do this method, and I personally think it is much, much easier than the more-popular "map light microphone" method outlined in this post.

ANC wiring from the Service Manual:

So, I will be cutting the white microphone wires at C701, which is much more accessible than the mic locations.

C701 is behind the left A pillar:

How to remove the A pillar trim:

C701 harness diagram:

So for me, just have to cut white wires 23 and 24. I believe without moonroof (left) it would be 19 and 7.

Used a flush cutters (one of my favorite tools!) and a razor to cut away the e tape and plastic shell around the wiring and pull it off, exposing ~2" of wire. I couldn't see exactly where 23 and 24 came out of the harness, but they are the only 2 white wires other than the ones on the ends (1 and 16), so it was easy to find those, and snip them:

Wrapped the ends in e tape for good measure, and done!

If you ever wanted to re-enable, could just strip and solder a jumper, or use T taps with a jumper.
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