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How do you get rid of polish from black plastic?

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So a couple weeks ago I clayed and polished the car, but i accidentally got some on the black plastic cladding near the wheels. I thought I was doing a good job at avoiding the black plastic but turns out I wasn’t at all :(. Are there any products or anything that can remove the polish from the black plastic or is it going to permanently like that? I was using the turtle wax hybrid polish if that helps. Here’s a pic so you can see what i’m talking about:
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Will alcohol dry out the black plastic? I was thinking about trying rubbing alcohol and water but I was worried it would fade the plastic.
I'd try rubbing alcohol 91%. Try down low first. It should cut it.
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To prevent this problem, Danielson.
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Hello. I usually search such questions on Youtube. For example here is good video
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