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How bad is this engine ring/VCM/lawsuit issue, really?

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2011 Pilot. 99,000 miles. Recently installed VMTuner.

My father with a 2012 Odyssey and 120k just threw a code, Dealer says needs new rings.

Got me to thinking - how do I know how much damage my engine has? My 8 year extended warranty per the lawsuit is up in April 2019. Should I ditch this car after that? Or is this not that big of a deal?

I change the oil per the MM, which ends up being every 8000 miles give or take. Use Mobil 1 EP, at least since we bought it with 50k miles. We consume around 1/2 quart in between oil changes (8k miles) before the VCMTuner.

My question really is - is there any way I can evaluate how much damage is done to this engine, or premature wear? Will a simple compression test show it? Will a dealer do the ring repair based on their own testing, or do they need the codes thrown before they will consider it?