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2011 Pilot. 99,000 miles. Recently installed VMTuner.

My father with a 2012 Odyssey and 120k just threw a code, Dealer says needs new rings.

Got me to thinking - how do I know how much damage my engine has? My 8 year extended warranty per the lawsuit is up in April 2019. Should I ditch this car after that? Or is this not that big of a deal?

I change the oil per the MM, which ends up being every 8000 miles give or take. Use Mobil 1 EP, at least since we bought it with 50k miles. We consume around 1/2 quart in between oil changes (8k miles) before the VCMTuner.

My question really is - is there any way I can evaluate how much damage is done to this engine, or premature wear? Will a simple compression test show it? Will a dealer do the ring repair based on their own testing, or do they need the codes thrown before they will consider it?
I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey and got the plug fouled codes and low oil and was almost stranded 600 miles from home at night, so that was very serious to me. They extended the warranty to 8 years but I had previously purchased an 8-year warranty so I got nothing. I installed the VCM Muzler and that seemed to help. I think Honda took the easy way out on this one. Good luck.
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