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Hi, curious whether y'all use the HondaLink app?

I realize I can create one and mess around with it and I still might this weekend but wondering if there is anything of value in there? Note I am not planning to pay for a subscription to use the locator and stolen vehicle stuff, and I don't need to use a remote start through that system since I could from the keyfob if I really want to. So is there anything useful in HondaLink for free?
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i really struggle to see a reason to set up HondaLink when there is a remote built in for remote start already.
I just used the remote start for the first time this morning given the cold

To me the location tracking if stolen would be useful. However when I looked at the "demo" mode on the app (I havent created an account at this point) it seems like you need to provide a police report and officer name etc to access that mode? I'm wondering whether we can just pay for the service at the time of if we ever needed to do that. Pretty unlikely to ever really need it but if the car actually ever got stolen then of course it makes sense. Another question is if you haven't paid for the location service and your car is stolen can you still file that police report thing so they have to give the location to the police or do you definitely need to pay?
i've had the app set up for other vehicles we've owned - volvo, mercedes, and i opted not to this time around. 1) i don't like the verbiage when you read the EULA for the apps - there is no promise not to share your data.

but secondly, a bonafide OBDII gps tracker would do better or honestly, even something as simple as an AirTag for iphone users or a dog subscription collar like Fi with it attached to it's power source...

also, i'm not in an environment like NYC where I could totally see this being useful. not knocking on the app, just - i think people need to consider 1) their privacy 2) if their vehicle is ever really more than 330ft away 3) the gps locator is the first thing trained carjackers are removing - aka pulling the battery, so I don't even know how useful it would be other than a very early breadcrumb trail.

if i lived in an apartment complex and it was cold, this would totally be worth it. I've also had fun remote starting the cars from like a state away to mess with my husband before - but for actual use cases, i can't really say I miss the function - especially because we have the remote starter built in, unlike Volvo
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