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Hi, curious whether y'all use the HondaLink app?

I realize I can create one and mess around with it and I still might this weekend but wondering if there is anything of value in there? Note I am not planning to pay for a subscription to use the locator and stolen vehicle stuff, and I don't need to use a remote start through that system since I could from the keyfob if I really want to. So is there anything useful in HondaLink for free?
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I have an account set up and will pay for the remote feature when the trial is up.

The app will work for just the regular data (IE: tire pressures, oil life, mileage, whether the car is locked or not) without a subscription. I think they call that the complimentary features that you get all the time for free.

Then they have other packages such as remote or concierge. I will buy the remote because where my car is parked at the office, the fob won’t reach so having the remote start from my phone or apple watch will be worth the price for me in the dead of winter or the middle of summer.
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