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Hi, curious whether y'all use the HondaLink app?

I realize I can create one and mess around with it and I still might this weekend but wondering if there is anything of value in there? Note I am not planning to pay for a subscription to use the locator and stolen vehicle stuff, and I don't need to use a remote start through that system since I could from the keyfob if I really want to. So is there anything useful in HondaLink for free?
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I still haven’t activated my Durango’s UConnect and I really, severely doubt I will use Hondalink for these privacy reasons.
UConnect is the infotainment system in FCA/Stellantis vehicles UConnect Access is the Service. It looks like you have a 2014 which used 3G for Services , 3G is gone so your Access system cannot be activated , which also means you are off the Grid in your Durango, so to say 😎
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