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I just got the Pioneer XM kit and was thinking of getting parts of the Honda XM kit to aid in the installation. It looks from the instructions that the reason you can't use the kit with the Nav or Res systems is due to the display module pocket which is used below the heater control unit.

That is understandable, I'm mainly interested in the Unit bracket anyway - although I think a flat piece of metal with holes drilled in it would allow me to attach the receiver unit and mount it under the driver's seat.

What I can't figure out is where the DIN bezel goes. I don't see it used in the instructions at all.

Also I was planning on a temp install with the antenna mounted the same way as the Honda kit to see if the "on the dash" method works as well as mounting on the roof. I also have to figure out where I can get a adhesive backing that will stick if I don't get the Honda attachment kit

Comments or suggestions?
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