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I got a Mazda CX-7 in 2008, has 2.3L DI turbo. I love the engine, it is awesome. Turbos have their own character and it is different obviously from V6 with 3.5L. No replacement for displacement, as they say.

But it seems some people are like automatically against turbocharged engines. And that isn't necessarily a good thing, 'cause they can be really cool.

Car makers have to follow rules. Like the VCM issue on the pilot. Honda wouldn't have that on their car if the rules about efficiency didn't make them do something. So it isn't an issue of manufacturer reliability. And smaller engines being used to produce as much power as possible is another thing like that. It is just going to be happening.

And turbo'd engines are fun.

I love my 2009 Pilot and hope to make it last until my kids are grown and I don't need a lot of seat belts in a car ever again. Or maybe in 5-10 years owning a car will be very different from how we do it right now. But anyway I love my Pilot with 3.5L V6. I might go check the Subaru just for fun, looks cool. Mazda's full size SUV is a 2.5L turbo too. Good engines.
1 - 1 of 107 Posts
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