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Maybe not entirely true combined, but I think one or the other (or both for some) will be in most of these SUVs. Some automakers (Hyundai/Kia for one) have come out against the CVT in pretty much all applications except hybrids. But I see most following this turbo 4 infatuation, losing refinement and reliability along the way... I'm assuming the next gen Pilot will have a turbo 4, if not as the only engine at least as an option... most likely the 2.0T from the Accord, maybe retuned for higher torque. I think Honda will stick with the geared automatic in this application, they feel the "premium" model buyers (basically anything north of $30k) want geared automatics instead of CVTs.
I think the trend will also include basic electric hybrid added to the smaller engines (even 3 cylinders for cars?). The addition of motor(s) adds regenerative braking, acceleration boost for the smaller engine, and computer smoothing of the acceleration profile. These three benefits can be added with only minimal battery/capacitor packs.

Regarding CVTs:
I'm fine with them if they are reliable. I quite like the CVT in my 2013 Accord EXL 4cyl
1 - 3 of 107 Posts
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