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2015 Honda Pilot 4x4 EX-L

I know there's some thread regarding the hesitation when accelerating! But I want to create one where we can actually come together and find some resolution to this issue. I need input on how the case with Honda went, possibly case numbers and what resolution did Honda proposed, and most importantly has anyone actually duplicated the issue with a technician or dealership?

The reason why I'm creating this thread is I went thru the same issue as most people been mentioning online. I purchased a 2015 Honda Pilot exl-l 4x4 with 36000, a month after owning this car the hesitations started happening randomly (I have the car for 6 months now). Mostly when turning right and doing a rolling stop, when merging to traffic and then the accelerator become non responsive. Its very dangerous and very unsafe! Took the car to dealership in 3 occasions, they cant duplicate the problem. I wrote to Honda America and they are telling me that there's nothing they can do until the dealership can duplicate the problem. Honda America case manager said to me that they never have any complaint about this issue! I also opened a case with US DOT National Traffic Safety Administration, case #11220630.

Its frustrating. Some input and recommendation? Thanks you everyone for your help!
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