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I don't think most Honda owners know this as everyone I speak to doesn't have a clue. I do not know if it is simply that Honda doesn't advertise it well or what, which wouldn't be the first

But if your Honda has an OEM Navigation system, and BlueTooth, everything in the center stack except for the controls that are on the steering wheel, can be controlled by your voice. This has been the case at least since 2005. The current Lexus models do not even have this capability. When I lived in New York, while driving through snow squalls, where I had to pay attention to the road, I was able to do things like, ask for the time and adjust the climate control, without taking my hands off the steering wheel and my eyes off the road. Whenever I demonstrate this to passengers who own more expensive and more luxurious vehicles, they are always in shock that it is a Honda and it can do that.

What I meant by everything except for the controls on the steering wheel is I can use my voice to turn the stereo on/off but I have to use the audio control buttons mounted to the steering wheel to adjust volume, change channels/tracks/cd's, and change modes. Depending on the vehicle, even audio settings can be adjusted by your voice.

If you have a navigation system and where not aware of this, refer to the Navigation manual for your vehicle as the commands are specific. Commands like; "What Time Is It", "Driver Temperature _ _ Degrees", "Passenger Temperature _ _ Degrees" and "Temperature Balance".
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