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I have a 2015 se, my wife was driving it and it started to overheat, she stopped and called me. When I got to the car I found oil in the radiator, and no oil on the dipstick. The car has 70 k miles and has the honda care warranty, to 100 K miles. Car was towed to dealer, they said it was overheated, had a leaky radiator and I needed a new engine. I told them it had warranty, claim denied. I told them the radiator had no leak, and they had just performed a multipoint inspection 3 weeks before, no mention of coolant loss or leaks. After this, they said if I would agree to pay for engine teardown, 1 K, they would cover the problem if internal damage was found. Took engine apart and to machine shop to check for problems. Found problems, said the would replace short block, and reuse the heads. Called me a week later, said 1 head was cracked, would have to replace head, but only one head, not the other. I also was told I would have to pay for a new radiator and hoses, as they were contaminated with oil, $2200.00. I have called honda care, but without much luck. I think the cooling system could be cleaned, and $2200.00 is a lot for a radiator and hoses. What do you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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