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Hi All!

This is long, but if you want to learn a bit about Honda Care extended service contracts, read on!

My name is Donna, and I'm [email protected]! I'm a Finance Manager for a Honda dealership on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the only warranty I deal with on a forum like this is Honda Care which is the manufacturer's own extended service contract.

One of the other members posted a price I gave him on the Pilot for a Honda Care extended service contract. The price was truly only $40 over dealer cost. The Pilot pricing is different from other Honda Care costs..........each model pricing is different, as are the terms (yrs/miles/deductible).

There are some provisions to remember when purchasing Honda Care and they are: You can purchase a Honda Care Extended Service Contract for up to 42 mos or 42,000 miles and still have it considered "new". There are some cost increases along the way if you wait, tho. There is a $60 surcharge after 24 mos/24,000 miles,and there is a $160 surcharge if you wait until 36 mos/36,000 miles. The cost also MIGHT go up each January 1. That's when we get our new dealer cost books. Last year, there was no price increase at all for any model Honda, however, the year before, the prices all went up $75 - $100!

Honda Care covers everything that your new car warranty Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze levels, etc. It just takes your new Honda coverage and extends it out for the term that suits you. The things that are NOT covered under the new car warranty are NOT covered under Honda Care. Some of these things include: tires, battery, brake shoes, rotors and drums, body damage, paint, glass, ornamentation, trim, and routine maintenance (oil changes and tune ups etc). Light bulbs and windshield wiper blades aren't covered either!! Everything else is covered.................all mechanical, electrical, electronic, drivetrain, a/c, Honda accessories, etc. There's a site where you can go read all about And, my prices are lower than theirs!! However, I don't think they even have the Pilot listed yet!

Along with the Honda Care you receive full roadside assistance through Cross Country Motor Club. It's very much like the AAA Plus program, minus the discount coupons. It also doesn't require that you be a member and pay an associates fee for each driver of your vehicle. It covers the Honda and anyone driving it!

The Honda Care is transferrable for $50 should you sell the vehicle to a private party. It can be cancelled if you trade it, total it, or just don't want the coverage anymore. Cancellation is free within the first 60 days.

If you finance the Honda Care in with your loan (which you can't do through me unless you buy the Pilot at our dealership), and then cancel it, the money will go to the bank toward your loan. If you pay cash for the coverage separately, the money will be refunded to you via check from Honda.

Honda Plus (which is the extended service contract on Canadian spec vehicles sold in Canada) cannot be sold via a US dealer. The VIN number isn't even in the US database and the specs are different. However, if you have the Honda Care plan, you CAN travel to Canada for a visit and if something happens, the plan will be honored (and vice-versa). They have to phone in the info to Honda Care to get an OK.

One Bad Thing>>>>>>>If you live in Florida, you're out of luck as far as purchasing Honda Care from me or from anyone outside of Florida. Florida dealers must be licensed through the State of Florida to sell these contracts. If anyone outside Florida were to sell one to a Florida resident, Honda will kick out the contract when we try to enter it. Honda can be fined big money and the selling "person" from another state can be prosecuted. I found this out when I posted on the OdyClub and Honda Corporate called me person..........from California. I think they mean it!!!

Anyway, that's about all for now. If you'd like to contact me, I'd be happy to hear from you. I haven't posted any prices here because I don't know how the forum owners feel about it, but if it's ok with them, I'll will so that you all can view them.

Oh, by the way.........we got our first TWO Pilots in today, however, we've been told they cannot be sold/delivered until Monday the 3rd of June. So we'll put them out tomorrow for all to see............perhaps your dealership has gotten one or two to see also.........check it out!

Thanks and Happy Piloting! :D

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This is a sore point with me concerning Honda . It has the worst warranty in the business. Even Toyota at least has a longer drivetrain warranty (which Honda needs for it's weak transmissions - special ATF...give me break.)

I'm sure Honda feels that it doesn't need to offer a longer warranty, since they feel they sell the vehicles without it. But they are more than happy :4: to make more money by selling you a warranty to extend it to what the competition includes in a basic warranty.

I really believe that the Pilot will meet our needs more than any other vehicle out on the market currently. But I do question the quality of vehicles coming out of the Canadian plant, especially upon reading posts on the MDX and Ody forums.

If poor quality continues to be an issue with Honda, maybe they will be forced to extend the standard warranties
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