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Anyone tried out the Homelink feature yet? I just did and it worked great. I was able to program both my new and older (10 yrs.?) automatic garage door openers to open via the Pilot Homelink buttons. No more fumbling for the remote - love it!
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Re: Homelink works great!

FYI, Sears is also listed (in the FAQ section) as a lighting supplier.

a2Pilot said:
[B Radio Shack and X10 are listed as suppliers of recievers that control lights, appliances, cameras etc. The possiblities are endless!!! Well, as endless as three buttons! [/B]
Further info relative to using Homelink for the remote security lighting function:

(from Homelink customer service):
Thank you for visiting our HomeLink website and for your inquiry. If you would like to receive a HomeLink information packet, please respond with a mailing address or call our HomeLink toll free number at 1-800-355-3515 M-F 6am-7pm and S&S 7am-5pm MST.

The HomeLink Lighting Package costs $59.99 and includes the following modules:

1 - Vehicle interface (#SP891)
This module acts as the "liaison" between HomeLink and interior lamps equipped with a "lamp module". You cannot activate any lamps with HomeLink without this module.

1 - Home Controller (#MC460)
This module allows activation of lamps equipped with a lamp module - from within the home.

1 - Plug-in lamp module (#LM465)
Plug a lamp into this module and then plug the module into an outlet - enabling you to activate this lamp with HomeLink. Additional lamp modules are available separately or at RadioShack (part #61-2682).

Other non-HomeLink branded lighting components are available through Sears, RadioShack and other retail outlets nation-wide. You may call the HomeLink toll free number referenced above with additional questions or feel free to email me back.


FYI, if you buy the three components separately from Homelink, the Vehicle Interface is $45 and the other two parts are $12.00 each. I was hoping that the existing Pilot Homelink system would eliminate the need for the more-expensive Vehicle Interface part, but that is not the case. BTW, the "Plug-In Lamp Module" is listed at $32 on the RadioShack web site, a rather large pricing disparity.
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dburch, you might want to contact them via the Homelink support email link. I used this (link on website) to ask them a follow-up question and they gave me a prompt and detailed reply.

dbursch said:
I have a genie garage door opener with a rolling code system. I have tried 4-5 times following the training instructions for rolling code -still does not work! I went to the homelink site hoping for more product specific info but nothing there. It may just be easier to use my old remote.

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