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Hi I am new with problems with our 2012 pilot

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Hi all! First time here. I have gone through quite a few threads not finding what I need. So here it is. A month ago it started chugging when I was to stop. The VTM-4, anti skid and engine lights were on. I did the restart the manual suggested. It didn’t work. So I had it towed to Honda. Found out that it was running on 3 cylinders and the spark plugs were gummed up with oil. So the engine was ripped apart and 3 O rings were replaced.
All was well for a month. Now when driving the battery and VTM-4 are on. BTW the drive shaft is not in and is going to be replaced before snow flies.
Wondering if anyone has had this happen and if these two problems could be related?
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To prevent the spark plugs from fouling out again, I’d disable the VCM. This will keep the engine running on all 6 cylinders 100% of the time. I use S-VCM that’s made in Canada.
It would be really helpful to have the trouble codes that’s stored in the computer to be better able to assist you.
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I agree with nail grease. However, if your plugs are oil fouling then you may have a piston ring issue. The ring issue is bad news and usually constitutes an engine rebuild. Check out the class action lawsuit for this problem with the 2013 vehicles.
S-VCM reversed my oil consumption and fouled spark plugs. Gasoline is a great cleaner of parts. With the cylinders firing 100% of the time, there is a good chance for the carbon deposits to burn off. Highway speed drives really help after the VCM is disabled.
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