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Hi everyone

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Hi all.
New to the forums. We bought a 2016 EX-L with RES in July 2021 with 44k on it. I wanted a three row SUV with AWD/4WD and this vehicle ticked all the boxes. It was intended to be a "temporary" vehicle to make it through the supply chain issues, but I love it so much I think it's now long term for me.
It's perfect for our needs: driving from LA to Reno over mountain passes in the winter; light off highway use for model rocket launches in the desert; off highway use for rock hounding; hauling kids and/or grandparents to events.
I have added Enkei YX-5 wheels with Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires in the stock size. Also added Rhino Rack roof bars and a Thule Motion XT XL roof top cargo carrier.
Looking forward to reading here and learning from you all.

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Welcome! Like the wheels
Thank you. I am very happy with how they look. (y)
The wheels and tires look great with that color. Very nicely done!
Thank you!
Welcome! Glad you’re leaning towards keeping your pilot for the long term. Just out of curiosity what were you looking to get when you purchased the pilot instead?
Thank you.
Well actually I was looking in a different direction - Ford F150 4x4 or Ridgeline 4x4. But I realized that with aging parents those wouldn't be the most practical so I started looking at three row SUVs. My final decision came down to this car or a Mazda CX-9. The Mazda has a fancier interior, but the cargo space is much smaller so I went with the Pilot. (I was coming out of a 2006 Odyssey so I was spoiled by the space.) The Pilot has worked out perfectly for us and was absolutely the correct choice.
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Welcome to the forum. The rims and tires look great on your Pilot.
Thank you!
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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