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Folks, thanks to many helpers here and some very good advice and info from various service staff from Canadian dealerships (they were very helpful after realizing I was calling from US to inquire about 17" steel wheels which are offered by Honda in Canada but not in the US), finally got my winter package all setup.

Here is the consolidated parts list if somebody wants to go this route:
Steel wheels, 42700-TK8-A01. x4. Total USD $269.88 + $60 core charge for all 4.
TPMS sensors (OEM):
42754-TY2-A81 TMPS sensor nut x4. Total USD $111 for all 4.
42753-T6N-A02 TPMS vavle, x4. Total USD 6.04 for all 4.
42755-TP6-A81 washer, x4. Total USD 2.20 for all 4.

Optional, if you want to have wheel covers on (the following are Odyssey parts but fit our case):
Wheel trim, Honda part# 44733-TK8-A10, x4. USD $131.60 for all 4.
Washer, Honda part# 44737-SHJ-A01, x20 (5 per lug nut). Around USD 10 for 20 washers.

These lug nut washers are required (the wheel trims actually have holes bigger than the lug nuts!) to secure the wheel trim (cover) to the wheel with lug nuts (washers sit between the wheel trim and the lug nuts). Used the stock lug nuts that came with the Pilot.

The lug nut washers and wheel trim are shown in the parts diagram on the following link (parts #25 and #21).
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