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Hello to all and thank you for hosting this forum.

I recently purchased a pre-owned 2019 Honda Pilot Elite. I have technical skills, but I have not yet connected anything (like my phone or a USB drive) to the Pilot or the Pilot to anything else (like the home WiFi). I have not installed the Honda app, nor registered anything on the internet.

The 2019 Honda Pilot Elite offers many connectivity and data communications features. I continue to study them, but they leave many open questions about what data is collected and where it goes. I want to understand the details of what data is gathered, where it is sent, where it is stored, etc. There is the Honda website, the Honda phone app, HondaLink, the WiFi and USB interfaces to update Garmin navigation and the Pilot itself, the AT&T WiFi-in-the-car feature, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and probably more I don't know about yet.

It appears that the Pilot communicates maintenance, usage, and HondaLink feature information over the cellular network through Honda's servers, and the owner does not have control of some of that data flow. The Pilot can communicate location information as well. The Pilot can collect your contacts from your phone. Where are your contacts stored? (Only on the Pilot, I hope!) Who can see them? How are they secured? The same questions apply to other data, too.

The Pilot has a built-in cellular network connection, but I have seen where the Honda manuals say that the Pilot also uses your personal phone for its data communications. (Is that true?)

-> I am looking for detailed documentation with data and network security information regarding my new-to-me 2019 Honda Pilot. Can someone suggest additional resources so I know what data is collected, where it is communicated (and to whom?), what data flows I can manage and what data flows I have no choice about, firewall settings, etc.?

Thanks in advance. I could not find much help on the web. Even Honda makes it very difficult to find information unless you register first.

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.
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