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Help...Trailer Hitch Kit part number?

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I'm negotiating with my dealer on a Pilot. I've asked him to quote me a price on the trailer hitch kit (installed). He can't find the "kit" as a part number and says that it only comes as separate items.

On the Honda corporate website ( in the the "Build Your Pilot" section (under the "Exterior" tab) you can select a "Trailer Hitch with Towing Cooler Package". The retail price is listed as $613.00. It indicates that it includes the trailer hitch and attachment, ATF cooler, and P/S cooler. (no wiring harness?)

The Parts Department can find the separate items:
1) $249.00 Trailer hitch (Part No. 08L92-S9V-100)
2) $249.00 ATF cooler (Part No. 06255-PVG-305)
3) $222.00 P/S cooler (Part No. 53765-S9V-800)
Total: $720.00 (add up all three individual prices)

Does the $613.00 Trailer Hitch Kit actually exist?

What is the Honda part number?

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