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Hey fellow piloteers,

I got down to the underbelly of the pilot today and saw a massive oil leak spilling over the oil pan and the passenger-side frame. There is oil above the oil pan so it's not a leak from the oil pan or the drain plug.

Is it the from the VVT/sppol filter next to the oil filter housing? The oil filter housing is dry when looking from the passenger side tire. There is oil spill under the belt on the main pulley.

Anyhow, I included a few photos taken today and I hope to get some input from piloteers before tackling the problem. The pilot in question is a '07 EXL with 192K miles.

btw I also noticed the power steering pipe is severely rusted and I will replace it when I take the tire off.
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With age, this engine will begin to leak oil from most all the places it can.
  • Valve cover gaskets grommets and spark plug tube seals
  • PCV valve
  • Cam seals (2)
  • Front main seal
  • Oil pump with oil hole gasket, oil pump is sealed using Honda Bond or a gasket maker (I use Permatex Ultra Black)
  • Oil pan is sealed using Honda Bond or a gasket maker
  • Oil filter housing gasket (spool valve gasket)
  • VVT solenoid gasket
  • Main bearing cap bolts
  • Cam Thrust cover gaskets (2)
  • Rear main seal
  • Rear main cover plate with O-ring gasket, sealed with Honda Bond or gasket maker
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That's a very comprehensive list. Thanks!

I have replaced PCV (right next to the oil stick for this model year) which had oil stain outside it; 3 gaskets in/on top of the oil filter housing. Test driving for ~10 miles seemed to have reduced the leak at least: it used to have oil droplets at the drain plug and now I don't see it.

I still suspect that oil pump is leaking, given that some oil stains are above the oil filter housing. so @RonnieJ Thanks for pointing me to the thread. At the next timing belt change, I will ask my mechanic to replace the gasket inside the oil pump assembly. Speaking of which, is there any way to get it done without dropping the exhaust pipe?
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