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***Help*** Massive Coolant Leak

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My 2012 Pilot touring had started leaking some coolant that was seen slowly dripping from the bottom of the car. I got some extra coolant to top it off until I could look at it on the weekend. Almost all coolant leaked out and luckily I don’t drive far enough to work for the engine to get hot. When I filled the radiator back up in my driveway to figure out the leak it started pouring out from under the drivers side. I took some of the air intake parts off and got the attached picture of where coolant is pooling. What do you think this leak is and how do I fix it? For context it’s been about 4 months since the radiator was replaced and the head gasket was repaired. The thermostat was replaced as well.
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There is small coolant hoses attached to the throttle body. I’d check these for leaks. Since the thermostat was replaced, is the housing leaking? There is a pipe that runs from the water pump on the opposite side across the top of the engine block. I hope it’s not that or head gasket failure.
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