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I'm not a car girl, I'm beyond frustrated and about in tears....LOL

My cloth seats were gross due to a mastiff I take to work every day, plus I am a mother to, two VERY ACTIVE and DIRTY boys ages 11 and 14.

My light grey fabric Pilot seats have taken a beating in the past 4 years. I recently got the cloth replaced with leather, I love it, but the package did not include the arm rest you put your forearm on, on the door. The console was covered by the "upgrade".

Well I have searched and searched and I can not find arm rest covers ( the right color) anywhere. I did find arm rest covers on EBAY and I ordered them, and they were a darker grey color. I called my local Honda company and they said its just called "GREY". I tried to ask more but the guy was kind of an ass. If I go there can they just order it for me? UGH....

I just want 4 armrest covers in light grey!!!! Can anyone help me?!?!?!??!

Sincerely frustrated,,

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