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seems to be dead in this part of the forum. just thought i'd start a new thread here and just say "hey" to everyone in the bay area. :2:
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Clear Bra

The guys over at Premier Mobile in Fremont did a great job on my clear bra for my 06. They are highly recommended by some of my NSX buddies as well. Mike Lee from Detailing Dynamics in Santa Clara also installs the clear bra and he is also highly recommended in the NSX community. Good luck!
Sidney at "Auto Mall Tint Specialist" does an awesome job. He was a former Pilot owner as well. I believe his name on this forum as well as the NSX forum is "Litespeeds." He is well known in the NSX community as well and has tinted my brother's NSX. Tell him "Ryan1926" from NSX Prime sent you.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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